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Education Published at 17.02.2016

Mersin’s performance is over than Turkey average with a 97,17% proportion of literate population. The schooling ratio of age of education population is; in primary education 99,01% while in secondary education 71,91% in our province.


Mersin is over Turkey average with schooling ratio both in primary education and secondary education. It could be said that in higher and upper education ratio, Mersin is on the level with Turkey average.

As of the educational year 2012-2013 there are 1.653 educational institutions in Mersin. 578 of them are pre primary education; 480 primary; 375 lower secondary school; 93 upper secondary and 127 vocational and technical secondary education. In these schools while overall 394.874 students are being educated, 21.820 teachers are performing duties.

Acording to number of students per teacher; while Mersin is below Turkey average with all of the levels of education except pre primary education; it is over Turkey average with the number of students per school. 

There are three universities in the province; one Public University and two Foundation Universities involved in education, training and research activities. Additionally, there is an Institute of Marine Sciences in Erdemli, attached to the Middle East Technical University, where only post-graduate studies are offered.

Mersin University
Mersin University which is founded in 1992; consist of 14 Faculties, 12 Vocational Schools, 7 Higher Education Institutions, 5 Institutes, 1 State Conservatory, 21 Research Centers.  

Academic staff of Mersin University as of academic year 2012-2013; Total 1.340: 173 Professors, 102 Associate Professors, 265 Assistant Professors, 213 Lecturers, 126 Instructors, 407 research assistants, 54 specialists.

Çağ University
In Çağ University founded in 1997 at Yenice which is between Mersin-Adana; there are Faculty of Science-Letters, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Faculty of Law and a Vocational School. As of academic year 2012-2013 there are overall 3.132 students and totally 138 academic staff; 11 of them professors; 4 associate professors and 33 assistant professors. 

Toros University 
Toros University which is established by Mersin Education Foundation in 2009; aims to have graduates in areas and professions in demand in the modern society both in the local and the international job market. It has academic staff of 90; 18 of them professors; 4 associate professors, 25 assistant professors and 482 students as of academic year 2012-2013.

Selçuk University Silifke-Taşucu Vocational High School
In Selçuk University Silifke-Taşucu Vocational High School, there are 31 academic staff; 2 of them professors, 5 of them assistant professors and 1.574 undergraduates.

Institute of Marine Sciences, Middle East Technical University (METU)
METU - Institute of Marine Sciences, founded in 1975. The purpose of the Institute is to determine and protect, and ensure optimum use of natural living and inert sources in our seas and to ensure accumulation of information to protect our rights and interests in our seas at international forums through inter-disciplined post-graduate studies in marine sciences. The Institute is composed of the following subject committees, which basically define the inter-disciplined nature of marine sciences:

• Chemical Oceanography 
• Physical Oceanography
• Marine Biology and Fishery 
• Marine Geology and Geophysics 

While 9 lecturers are working as academic staff; 20 post-graduate students are educated.

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