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Agriculture & Livestock Published at 17.02.2016

Mersin is one of the provinces which have a substantial contribution to the national economy particulary in fruit production and a land structure that provides agricultural diversity.

Agriculture & Livestock

With the arable land, extensive irrigated farming in agricultural production, temperate climate and developed infra structure, high value added products are grown in Mersin.

The greenhouse activities are increasingly developing in Erdemli, Aydıncık, Bozyazı and Anamur. Agro based food industry is also increasing in importance.

Mersin provides 23% of Turkey’s citrus fruit production; 6,2% of vegetable;  9,8% of fruit, 1,8% of ornamental plants and totally 3% of Turkey’s agricultural products.

When the greenhouse areas and greenhouse activities is examined in our province; plastic greenhouse comes forward within the greenhouse kinds and this kind of greenhouses are expanded in Akdeniz, Tarsus, Anamur and Erdemli districts. According to greenhouse production quantity, Mersin is the 2nd biggest city of Turkey with a %16,5 share.

Mersin; in which about 41% of Turkeywide 204 diversified organic product’s agricultural production is being made; has a 2% share with the organic agricultural production area in Turkey.

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