Mersin in brief

Mersin is a large city and a busy port on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey and is the capital of the Mersin Province. It is part of Adana-Mersin Metropolitan Area and lies on the west part of Çukurova, a geographical, economical and cultural region.

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Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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Dear Colleagues;

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As Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we are launching “Mersin Promotion Days to Syria” event between the dates 23-24 February 2010 at Dedeman Hotel in Damascus.

This event not only gives a chance to our city to be well known in Syria culturally and socially, but also gives a chance to increase business relations both of two parties’ companies.
In Mersin Delegation;
More than 120 companies, more than 200 people…

Minister of State of Turkey Mr Faruk Nafiz Özak and Minister of State of Turkey Mr Zafer Çağlayan, Governor of Mersin, Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan, Mersin Parliamentarians, Directors, Mersin Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Mersin Chamber of Shipping, Mersin Commodity Exchange, Organized Industrial Zone, Mersin Free Trade Zone, Mersin Tourism Investors’ Association, Mersin Press’ Association, Mersin University, more than 120 company owners are in the Mersin Delegation.

  • Programme will be held in Dedeman Hotel – Damascus…
  • You can see the company profiles of participant…
  • We kindly welcome Syrian Companies to Mersin Promotion Days to Syria on 23rd and 24th of February 2010.

    Best Wishes

    Şerafettin AŞUT
    Mersin Chamber of Commerce & Industry.